Unlike most large cities around the world, a common underlying theme that permeates through each South Asian City is the shared colonial past. The post colonial transformation that each of the major cities in South Asia went through also shared common socio-economic identities in terms of population growth and migration, albeit taking different trajectories in their political development. This shared past coupled with the prominent role cities like Colombo, Dhaka, Karachi, Mumbai, Delhi and Lahore are projected to play in the world arena, merits a deeper look into understanding the contemporary South Asian city. A series of conferences organized over multi years in South Asia and at Harvard will result in the generation of new knowledge and insights so needed in the present and future planning of this regions’ cities.


Further to this, The Pakistan Urban Forum aims to bring together all stakeholders, such as Government Leaders, Non-Governmental and Community based Organizations, Urban Activists, Corporate Leadership, Practitioners, Academics, members of the Civil Society and students to this Conference for a dialogue to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities associated to improve the capabilities of our cities, municipalities and concerned Government Agencies.

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