Urban Art Competition

The Urban Art competition was open to all photographers and artists to enter from across Pakistan. There was no participation fee. Each Participant could submit up to two entries either as hard copies or in jpeg format online. The artists were asked to submit pictures or posters that were based on urban themes indicated in the topics or sub topics of Pakistan Urban Forum 2011.
Eight posters were shortlisted and reviewed by a review committee headed by Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada, renowned Architect, his team and the Urban Unit.  
The winning poster was hand drawn by Dr. Sarah Sheraz. The review committee gave the following remarks about the poster:
The scale of the poster is correct.
It can be read from a reasonable distance.
The message is clear and direct.
The composition and colour are attractive.
About other shortlisted entries, Mr. Dada said that other entries are also good, but their scale is not appropriate for a poster. The messages are not direct and clear with reference to urban themes or too small for a poster scale.  
The winner was announced at the closing ceremony of the Pakistan Urban Forum 2011.  
Laptop for the Winner